Its November!

Yes, its November, and I think today its made it pretty clear that Winter has settled in. I haven’t really got much too share with you in terms of imagry, so its just a quick update on what projects we’re dealing with right now.

This is a typography project, so I’m hoping I can get some pretty good ideas across! After last years project on designing my own type, I have really gotten into typography. I’ve had a few ideas, but nothing thats got me terribly excited as of yet. I’ll post good ideas as they come to me I guess.

Personal Development (Uni Stuff)
Went tooo Lincoln on Saturday just goneee, and went to look at the University there. I quite liked it, so I’m thinking its going down as a second choice, cause I still think Norwich is the one for me. It has nice accomodation, and from what I’ve heard the studios are nice too. I didn’t stay too long as I wasn’t feeling to great! Going to the UCAS fair with College in a couple of weeks, and then the day after back to London to see the LCC.

Book Cover Design
Our joint group with the photography lot, we have to make three Book covers, based on three random searches on Wikipedia. Mine was Laguna, RAF Squadron and New Your City Subway. I took some pictures of newspapers today to support my cover on New York City Subway, and like some of the results.

News paper

From the Financial Times, lol 🙂

Last but not least, it advertising on a Friday. We’ve been set a new brief to create an advert for a charity of our choice. I’ve got a few ideas, but kinda want to work them out before putting anything on here. But will do soon, promise!

In the week off, I tried to do as much work as possible, but found myself decorating my brothers room. Also, driving is going well, so I’m hoping that it won’t be too long till I can take my test. More updates soooooon 🙂


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