a VERY big update.

Okay, So I’ve been getting some complaints that I haven’t been updating as much as a should (Nuttal! Skinner!), and of cause, they are right! It was my last day today, and to end it we had a grand lunch at Mcdonalds. We went for the penny saving idea 🙂
So first of all we come to Emmas lesson. I wasn’t a big fan of her lesson, I must admit, but I think I did pretty well with her latest project in 3D. My quote was silence is golden, but duct tape is silver, and I created a mask plaque. I only mangaged to acheieve a Pass, which I must admit I was a bit dissapointed with, as I thought I did quite well. I haven’t got a picture cause I managed to delete it! Which was extemely clever of me.
Next we come onto Hilopedia’s lesson, (an inside joke about wikipedia). Again, no design work to show, as we completed our contextual unit. I had to create an essay based on Art Deco, and for that acheieved a Merit, which I am pleased with.
Which leads us onto the Relentless redesign. I had quite alot of fun playing about with different ideas on Photoshop and decided to go with a Clarice Cliff ceramic look. How do you think it worked out?
I got a Merit as an overall grade for this project 🙂
Now, an update on one of my FAVOURITE projects of the year that I got the mark back for last week, TYPOGRAPHY. I got a Distinction, which I was extemely proud off, and glad I managed to achieve! For this, I designed a type called ‘Eggtastic Type’ which is, you guessed it, made from eggs. Check it out, here is one of my favourites.


Well I have finished College for the year now, but that means more time to keep my eyes peeled for new design 🙂 I’m also going on holiday soon to Turkey, and it will be interesting to see how my design perspective has changed since I last went!


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