Tiny bit of an update?

I haven’t wrote in a while, I appologise! I’m going to now update on what I’ve been up too.
Emmas Lesson:
Well at the moment I’m struggling woth cutting out my quote in copper. As the type is quite fluent, I’m pleased with the results I’ve been getting. Heres some pictures.


I just love this ‘B’, although it does need tidying up quite alot.




Hilarys Lesson:
We’ve nearly come to the end of our packaging project, and to be honest slightly glad. I’ve found this project more challenging, but I found I actually really enjoyed it. I’m finishing off a few things in the hols, but will be handing in first Tuesday back 🙂

Illustrator with Chris:
Still working on our manuscript project. This ones been tough because it is so broad, and you can do pretty much anything you want! With help from Chris, I’ve decided to go on a sort of jorney idea, where people send me postcards from all over with a certain peice of writing on it. If you want to be a part of it, let me know.
Photoshop with Luke:
I’m slowly getting there with my screen splashes. I’ve decided one will be like a fashion/gurly theme, and the second will be maybe a feng shui, japanese style to it. Got lots to do …
Typography with Chris:
Fried egg type! Hmmm.. weird I know 🙂 But I kinda like it. I’m taking pictures of fried eggs and then photoshopping the yolks to look like letters. I’m also trying out other things when I think of them, to build my research up.
Drawing with Paul:
Percpective. Seeing as the naked dude keeps going sick on us. Hey, I’m not complaining.


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