An update on what I’m doing.

3D Design: With Emma I made the cast of the face out of plaster, and it came out really good! I was pleased with it. I’m going to get some gold metalic paint at the weekend, and paint it on monday hopefully. After I’ve done that, I’ll have to concentrate on cutting my quote out of metal, and that could take a while.

Visual Communications: With Hilary we have just started a new project which is about an improbable project (something that isn’t real, make-beleive), and making packaging for it. Sounds quite easy, but to be honest I didn’t know where to start! In the end I decided to go for a Mary Poppins type bag, which you can put absolutly anything in, and it dosn’t get any heavier, or any bigger. I think its a really good project, and have really got in to planning for my design.
For our last project, where we had to copy an advert I managed to bag a high merit. I had my heart set on a distinction, but ohwell! Fingers crossed for next time.

Adobe Illustrator: We got a new project today, and I have to say, I’m excited! The point is to create a modern manuscript, and we have to pick a quote from one of the ones that Chris has shown us, then we have to be massively creative with it. I have quite a few ideas… 🙂 I think my favourite one so far is a type of mobile that hangs from the ceiling? What do we think? Another idea was writing on glasss… but I have kinda gone off that one.

Adobe Photoshop: We are still working on our adobe splash screens, which I’m finding quite hard. I havn’t really come up with anything promising as of yet. I need inspiration!

Drawing: We are still doing life drawing. It isn’t really as bad as I thought it would be, but is still awkward!

If you have any ideas you could give me, or would like to comment on some of my ideas, please do!


One thought on “An update on what I’m doing.

  1. Sam says:

    For the splash screen how about paint splatters, multi coloured of course.In my head it looks really good 😛I’ll do a mock up for you 🙂😀


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