Some GCSE art.

Well I sorted out some of my old work and decided to put some on here. Firstly is a project we did in year 10. The breif we were given was to design a mural/sculpture that would sit in Downham Market town centre. Here is a drawing I created to support my work:

This is a drawing of St Edmands church in Downham Market. I apologise for the bad quality of the scan! I decided that I would create a mural to go on the wall just inside the entrance to the town hall. I painted onto cardboard, and made 3 boxes that stuck out of the peice, which also had drawings on.

Another project we did was the Waterfront project. We did this in year 11 and this was my favourite project, mostly because I was really pleased with my end result. Here are some of my drawings:

And here is my final peice. I made a sculpture type peice out of cardboard. It was meant to be a dock with a bollard. I painted the sky scenery, and cut the life belt out of cardboard and wrapped it in masking tape, then painted over the top. I then painted the water effect, and put cling film over the top. The bollard was a cardboard tube which I painted black and then covered in PVA glue to make it shiny. The tiles of the ‘pavement’ were cut up peices of carpet.

Our last project was the one we had to do for our exam. Our subject was ‘trees’, which I thought was going to be really hard to begin with. Heres one of the pages out of my sketchbook.

And here is my final exam piece, and I know what your thinking, ‘It has no trees on it!’. My actual plan was to put a tree in the middle of it, and paint it in black. But, once I had painted all of the squares, I actually thought it would look better without one. Instead I linked the colours to our seasons.


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