My work (:

Well I’ve finally bought my work homeeee. First of all is the first unit we did with Hilary, in materials, techniques and processes. I erm got a Distinction (:

After that, we did a project with Chris, and had to design a modern day shakespeare poster for the play we were given. Mine was Henry 4th. I found it really hard at first, but soon got into it. I got a merit for that project (: I had to make my own gun ruler .. trust me, not easy!
At the moment we are doing Typography with Chris, but I havn’t included that because theres not much to see just yet. Apparently we have to design our own type .. yeah :/
In Hilarys lesson we have moved on to Visual Communication, and we have been given an advert to copy exactly. It’s alot harder than it sounds, but I’m really enjoying it now. So heres my advert, then my attempt so far at it.



mine >>
Tomorow we get our marks for our Annual report cover photoshop project, So i’ll takes pictures of that and post another blog tomorow. Goodbaii xD


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