Some pretty cool stuff.

Well I kind of wanted to document my work on here, but seeing as I have none of it with me right now, I’ll have to put it on here at a later date. So instead I thought I would put on some stuff I found that I thought was pretty cool instead. All graphic design related (:

Now I thought this was pretty damn cool. Its an interective Sharpie bilboard. It was an idea brought up to satisfy teenagers need to deface public property, genious!
Now heres something else that I found quite interesting. Recently our tutor has got us hand rendering words out of different type (it has been a b*tch). But after this little discovery, I maybe think that it wasn’t so bad afterall.

Each one of those lovely letters were handcrafted. It was said to have taken at least 100 hours. Pretty impressive I would say, it looks even better up close >>
Well I think thats enough for now. Until next time !

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