Introducing Solar

A very quick post – Our new addition to the clan. Solar is 10 weeks old and is starting to get along very nicely with his big sister Luna, although it has been a huge adjustment…



My other half is very into his space/science fiction stuff, so because I named Luna (mainly because it was nice and seemed quite fitting), Adrian named this kitten Solar. I must admit I wasn’t sure at first but it has definitely grown on me! It’s just a bit ironic given his colour.

Theres also a cheeky shot of my ampersand cushion in the background – see, still keeping it design related.

Creative Cowell x



Throwback Thursday #1

Postcard Auction 13

May 2013 – 2 years ago

The other day I was talking to my boss about different designers I’ve been lucky enough to meet through our talks we had an university, and it got me thinking about my days at Lincoln as a student.

I rediscovered the old Auction 13 blog, which I was really happy still existed over here.

I was lucky enough to bag a couple of postcards myself – one from Kyle Wilkinson at DMSQD who I still quite closely follow on instagram and the like:


…and one from my previous college tutor, Chris Skinner (Lestaret). Never forget where you came from!


It was really good fun being part of the team, raising a fair bit of money towards our end of year show and contacting loads of interesting designers. We had postcards from Erik Spiekermann, Alan Kitching and Seb Lester.

It was pretty exciting bidding on them – we held an ebay auction for ease and to keep the costs low (we were raising money after all!)

IMG_0932_zps81b344b4(All excited bidding on the post cards we wanted! From left to right – Me, my mum (she was up for the weekend), Helen, James and Jack)

Photos by Tasha.

CC x

Seb Lester

I had a bit of an early birthday surprise last week due to the fact that my other half decided it would be okay for me to go and collect a parcel from the post office, telling me it’s my birthday present (in two weeks time) and it turning out to be a roll tube.

There are only so many things that would come in a roll tube so I obviously assumed it was a print of some sort.

I was happy to wait – knowing that it could only be a few designers as I don’t mention them that much to him! But he thought it would take away the excitement if I had to wait, so I opened it on Friday to be presented with…




(Pictures taken from Seb Lester’s shop, mines going up on the wall this weekend!)

A calligraphy piece by Seb Lester, my favourite calligrapher ever! I’ve always loved his work and imagined having one of his pieces on my wall, but thanks to Adrian I now don’t have to!

I’d love to someday learn how to do calligraphy myself, and to be honest I have no excuse not to learn with the abundance of tutorials that can be found online. I should give it a go…

CC x

100 Days!

It’s 100 days until we go away to Vietnam, and I’m starting to get quite excited/ nervous the closer it gets! It’s amazing opportunity and to be honest I can’t wait to give my camera a little bit of purpose again. I never thought I would get to visit a country like Asia, but it’s all been made possible by simply filling out a competition form. I cannot stress enough to everyone how worth it it is, somebody has to win, it really does happen to people and it could always be you!

I’m so unorganised it’s unbelievable. I’m usually so adamant on sorting everything out as soon as possible!

One thing I do know is our passports are definitely in date… !



Winner winner…

Lots of people ask me – “How do you win all of these competitions?!” and “You ACTUALLY won a holiday?!” Yes, yes I did :)

It has become a bit of a hobby of mine, because who doesn’t like getting free stuff? So basically my new hobby is getting free stuff.

I use a brilliant forum on MSE (Money Saving Expert or otherwise known as Martins Money) called Competition Time. Once somebody finds a competition that can be entered via the internet, somebody will post it, with a link, information about the prize and any additional terms and conditions that you should be aware of when entering.

The page is here, I advise you set up an account with them because you can then track what you have entered and what you haven’t (tick or cross). They have absolutely thousands of competitions listed on there and what’s more is you can search the end date or a specific prize. So for instance, if I wanted to search all of the competitions that ended on the day after I was entering them I would type E 07/07 (E date/month) for example.

A few Tips I’ve picked up from doing them for so long:

  • Most competitions are 18 or over, so it’s best to check the terms if your not 18 yet.
  • When entering holiday competitions, ALWAYS check the terms to make sure flights are included – I never enter them if they aren’t otherwise its an extra expensive you might not be able to afford when the competition closes.
  • There are some competitions (postal for example) that you pay for because of postage, I never enter these as there are a vast amount of free competitions online to enter.
  • Twitter competitions are the easiest. I set up a separate twitter account to my personal one as otherwise it would just get full of spam tweets. A simple follow and retweet enters you into the comp – easy peasy! You can also just search out all of the twitter competitions by searching (TW).

6 months to go!

… Until our Vietnamese adventure!

As a few of you may have read, I won a competition last year for a culinary adventure to Vietnam by the lovely people at Kuoni Travel, you can read about it here. Kuoni specialise in luxury holidays that allow you to experience and the culture of the country, with there holidays having a real sense of adventure!

So I’m one of those sad people with a countdown app on my phone (Countdown+), which kindly told me on Tuesday that there is six months until we go to Vietnam!

I can’t stop glancing at my itinerary now and again at all of the amazing things we’re going to get to see. So I decided that I’m going to write a couple of days on here so that you can see the kind of things that we’ll be up to. It all looks good, but I think these are the two days I’m most looking forward too!

Day 3
Hanoi – Halong
Breakfast at the hotel before check out, then transfer to Halong City to board the Image Halong Cruise in the Harbour. Welcome drink and Vietnamese set lunch. Afternoon cruise around the limestone islands with swimming. Dinner and night on board.

spice 1


(Image courtesy of Vietameasy Travel)

Day 9
Buon Ma Thuot – Saigon
After breakfast, drive to Lak Lake. Passing across the Lake by dug-out canoe (anybody that knows me will know I’m not too good with water, so should be interesting). Experience an elephant ride (!) to visit the ethnic minority villages: Jun, M’lieng. Lunch in a local restaurant, followed by a folk show with “gong” music. Tasting Vietnamese truly coffee in visiting the coffee garden with different species of coffee trees: Arabica, Robusta… Then evening flight to Saigon to stay at GRAND Hotel.



(Image courtesy of Viet Vision Travel blog)

Pretty cool, huh? Plenty of pictures will be taken with my lovely camera I hardly use anymore… and I’m also planning on keeping a bit of a travel diary that I can then blog about when I’m back. 6 months yet, but I feel like a lot of preparing is needed?!

Another chapter

Things have been quiet on here and I realise I need to get into a routine of posting more. Things have been pretty hectic here, I now have a new job! I start in a couple of weeks time as the Design and communications advisor for Freebridge community housing in Kings Lynn. Its such an amazing opportunity, and I still can’t quite believe it if I’m honest. I’ve been looking for a position like this for a while and was so lucky that one came along!

I’ve not got much else to report to be honest. I’ve just completed the first module of my level 4 marketing course, but I have put the course on hold now that I have terminated my contract with my current employer. It’s not that I don’t want to carry it on, just more that I want to be able to focus on my new position for the next couple of months without any distractions.

I have received my complete itinerary for our Vietnam holiday (yippeee!), which I can’t wait for! It is getting closer quite quickly. Not sure whether to post the itinerary on here, don’t want to make you all jealous…! It is pretty amazing and jam packed full of exciting things to do. Think I’m going to be rather tired when I come back…

So I leave you with some lovely typography to look at by Tobias Hall – I have been a follower of his on instagram for ages now and absolutely love his work.




I mean I just love this. I’m considering doing something like this for our wedding invitations! When I actually book a venue that is…

I’m no closer to finding a venue than I was 5 months ago, which is slightly worrying. We still don’t even have a date in mind… terrible I know.

All other details seem to be coming together in my mind though. Last Sunday, I went wedding dress shopping with one of my best friends, I managed to find a dress that seemed pretty perfect! But that is another story – I feel it’s too early to get my dress when I haven’t even got a date set yet! I went to Unique Brides, which is a lovely barn shop located at Castle Rising, just on the outskirts of King’s Lynn. Its such a lovely location, and everybody there was so helpful and welcoming.

I was talking to another one of my friends about the cost of flowers, and what kind of flowers I wanted. She suggested using artificial flowers, which at first I thought might be a bit of a tacky idea, but later realised it was quite genius! Not only do they look just as nice, it’s something for me and the bridal party to keep as a memento.


I’m holding fake flowers in this picture (you wouldn’t know it would you?!), which were really pretty. The image isn’t too detailed because this is actually the dress I wanted, so just incase the other half takes a look on my blog…

Note: I haven’t asked everyone who I want to be bridesmaids yet. Still working that part out!

Weddings: One way to save

Reading List

A lot of blogs I follow always have a ‘reading list’, which briefly updates everyone on what they are currently reading. I don’t usually find that much time to read, but as of late have been MAKING time.

I really do enjoy reading, so I’ve set aside an hour before bed a few nights a week, and it really is a good way of getting out of my own head, forgetting work and relaxing.

My fiance is a massive Sci-Fi fan and as a result I’ve taken quite an interest in it too. I’ve been reading ‘Wool’ by Hugh Howey, the first of a three book series, for the last few weeks (seems to be taking me forever to finish!), which I’m really enjoying. I was looking through my other halves collection of sci-fi books (which is huge by the way), and I noticed that most of the covers look very similar and a little uninviting. This one however, really jumped out at me, as the cover is just beautiful.



With lots of twists and turns this book will certainly entertain any sci-fi follower.

I’ll be reading plenty of other books soon, with a more academic theme…

Big win!

So a couple of weeks ago I came home from the end of a pretty crappy week at work, to find an email saying that I had won a holiday.

Now usually when you get one of these emails, the first thing you do is laugh, go ‘yeah right’ and delete it, to which I nearly did! But then I vaguely remembered that I had actually entered a competition that sounded a lot like the one being explained in the email which I had won.

It seemed legit, with my name in the email, but I had to check. I’m a bit of a ‘comper’ as it happens (for those who don’t know, it just means you enter loads and loads of competitions), and I use the competitions forum on MSE to find all the competitions to win great prizes. This particular competition was with The Telegraph magazine, to which I had a record of entering. And as it happens, right there on the attachment was my home address and all of my other details – it was REAL! I’d never won anything to this scale before – I wont a 500GB hard drive a few years ago, thats about as big as it got for me.

The competition was to win a culinary tour of Vietnam for two people in October 2015 with Kuoni travel for 12 nights, flights and mixed board meals included. Our itinerary looks amazing – and of course I’m taking my fiance, sorry guys! – where we will be riding elephants, having an overnight cruise, a two hour cooking lesson, amongst other cultural and interesting activities. The history there alone is a good enough reason to go. By the looks of things we’ll never be in the same place for more than two nights, which is going to be a completely different experience to the kind of beach holidays I’m used to going on – but I cannot wait!

Tomorrow me and Adrian are off to the nearest Kuoni Travel agents which is in Cambridge to book it all – it will hopefully seem a lot more real once we’ve done that!


I mean, just look at that, it just looks such a beautiful country, and one I never even dreamt I’d get to go too! Just shame we have nearly a whole year to wait!