Losing Touch

I’d like everybody to meet Luna!


She is our (now) 9 week old kitten, who is absolutely crazy. But we love her to bits! I never really counted myself as a cat person (and still don’t really, dogs all the way, sorry) but I have gotten used to having a creature around again, which is nice. She can be ever so sweet, but also such a pain in the bum.

On another note, I had a very strange moment earlier.

I was looking through and sorting out my portfolio, as I am in the process of a de-clutter in our house, and realised something rather sad. I miss designing. In my current job, I don’t really get to do a lot of ‘creative’ stuff. I design signs that, nine times out of ten, I am told what has to be put on, what colour it has to be etc. I’ve lost my mojo, its the only way I can put it. So naturally, because I’m not designing enough, I feel like I’m losing my skill.

Finding time to do my own creative work outside of my work hours proves difficult because of my Marketing qualification I am doing, and to be honest my home life too. Nevertheless, I think something is going to have to be done about it – maybe just making the time no matter what. It’s a rather difficult predicament I am in, but I do know that I’m unhappy with the way things are right now.

Day 200: Invisalign Update

It’s been a while since I wrote about my Invisalign progress!

I’ve already noticed the difference and I’m only 6 months in! I’m on my 14th set out of about 65 I think, so still a long way to go but it is still progress. After having my attachments put on, I was right, they put a lot more pressure on my teeth and made it even more difficult to get out, but practise makes perfect!

The attachments are just small clear blobs on my teeth, and I’ve read that these just help the teeth rotate or move up and down. It was certainly weird and took longer to get used too than having the trays in the first place. One of the reasons being that it makes the trays more visible (but I think that’s because I knew they were there, nobody else noticed!), especially with one of my attachments being on one of my front teeth. The other reason being that it feels really weird to have the stuff on your teeth when you have the trays out when you’re eating. I found myself running my tongue over them all of the time!

But seriously, take it from me, Invisalign has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! I change my retainer every other Friday morning (so every two weeks), and find that Sunday is always the worst day, which I found strange because you would think the first day would be worse?

Also I’ve found my teeth are so much whiter, something to do with brushing them 3+ times a day! I’ll include a photo next time.

Engagement ring

Graduation, One Year On (is that all?!)

… a little more than a year actually!

So I’ve gotten really bad at this whole blogging business. I’m going to try and be better, honest.

It has indeed now been more than a year since graduating from the University of Lincoln, where I achieved a degree in Graphic Design. Having got a job so quickly afterwards, which was surprising with the area I live in, things were looking pretty good, and I must say it has been a roller coaster of a year. Not long after getting my new job and kickstarting my career, I met a wonderful person who, only recently, I’ve gotten engaged to!

Engagement ring

In the last six months I’ve been studying a Introductory Certificate in Marketing, which I’m now coming to the end of writing my final assignment for.

Form & Function, unfortunately never made it to the crucial stages. Due to a loss in my family, I found it really hard in juggling my emotions with my new job, AND my own business. For me it has just been put on hold until I feel ready enough to give it another shot. My business partners found it hard to progress also, hence the end of the little business venture. All in all, its quite a shame, but feel it was a the right decision at the time.

But, back to my wonderful news! I have been with Adrian for over a year now, and the proposal came out of no where! Quite romantic actually, a nice walk along the beach and chat about our journey together before popping the question, even though it did rain a bit (it certainly didn’t dampen any spirits!). And now, of course, I have a wedding to plan, which I’m very excited about. The big day won’t be until late 2016, but it hasn’t stopped me gathering ideas!

Me & Adrian

And of cause, I’ll be designing the invitations myself!

Day Three: Getting Better

Apart from waking up in the morning and feeling like I’ve been punched in the mouth, things feel miles better today! It was a lot easier to get the trays out this morning – at first I just thought it was a blip and I must have just caught it right, but I found it just as easy at lunch too. I’m thinking this must be a good sign that my teeth are setting into there new place! And rather quickly too… only day three!

Dinner time was just as easy again, so I’m pretty happy that I’m not going to be pulling my teeth too much anymore (well until the next set anyway). The only thing I have noticed though – I’ve got an ulcer on my tongue, just where it catches on the ridge of my bottom retainer when I talk. And also, the retainers make my mouth and lips so dry, where I was told my mouth would fill with saliva all the time, I was kind of the opposite.

Good news is they are quite easy to get used to, the bad news is I’m absolutely dreading my attachments.

Day Two: Not as easy as once thought

Okay, so at lunch time today, it felt like I was going to pull my teeth out with the retainer.

I think if my front ‘fangs’ didn’t stick out so much, I wouldn’t have a problem, but when taking the top retainer out, it gets caught. It took me 10 minutes today, the longest so far, and when you only have half an hour of lunch at work, it can be a little problematic! After managing to get them out, I realised having crunchy salad probably wasn’t the best idea either. I wasn’t doing very well. However, putting them back in so far hasn’t been a problem for me.

Dinner time: I had the same problem. They just feel a bit sore and sensitive, so have to be a bit more careful when I eat! This definitely has me worried about getting my attachments in 4 weeks time. I had them out for tea a little longer than I did yesterday (about an hour), so by the time I put them back in, they did feel really tight again.

Day One: Getting the aligners!

On Tuesday I finally began my journey with the Invisalign aligners. It has been a long time coming! I decided I wanted the treatment back in October, but it has taken until now to finally start my straitening treatment! I had to have a bit of work done (fillings etc) before the work could actually start.

My teeth have always been really crowded, and I’ve finally just got to the point where I want to do something about it! I never really believed in cosmetic surgery – but this is something that will give me a lot more confidence – especially in my professional career.

2014-03-25 20.30.19

As you can see from the photo they really are bad! But in just over two years (62 aligners to be exact!) I will have lovely straight teeth! I can hardly wait!

Firstly they have to take impressions of your teeth with this really weird, thick goo. They basically cover this plastic guard in the stuff and shove it in your mouth. The top impression really made me gag, which I was really trying to hide! I was so embarrassed, but I think it just somehow caught the back of my throat. These have to sit on your teeth for 10 minutes each. So for 20 minutes, your sat in a chair with this weird stuff in your mouth, which isn’t the best of times. Photos were also taken to send with the moulds taken.

Around two weeks later, I went back to see the 3D imaging of my teeth – it was like a video that showed my teeth at each stage of my treatment, and then nice and straight at the end! It was nice to see what I would end up with at the end – technology these days! The same day my aligners were ordered and exactly two weeks after, they arrived at my dentist. I thought this was quite a quick turn around seeing as they have to be made and sent from America.

So for those of you who don’t know, Invisalign are a brand of retainers that are a clear plastic tray, that you wear for at least 22 hours per day, as they have to be taken out for meals. And they really are invisible! I couldn’t quite believe it when my dentist first inserted them into my mouth – you can only tell when you look really closely. He made me put them in and take them out a few times, he explained that he’d never had a patient with teeth quite as all over the place as mine, oops! But I found it easier than I thought, as this was the bit I was worried about after reading so much about other people experiences online.

Overall day one has been fine – no pain, just a slight pressure on my teeth, but I found I could forget about it after a while. I feel like my speech is a little weird, but have been told I don’t sound any different, so maybe I’m just a little conscious if talking with them in?

Tumblr Tuesday #2

It is that time of the week again, I’ve been so busy and its only Tuesday! Lots of exciting things happening at work at the moment, including that fact I’m enrolling onto a CIM Marketing course! Education, we meet again…

#2 Visual Graphc

TumblrTuesday2 1

I came across this lovely little blog by looking at paper craft, but I found some other interesting stuff on there too. This is by Tsubaki - I just loved the colours and the vibrancy of the piece. Tsubaki are a design agency based in Malaysia, and they look like they get up to some really interesting stuff.

TumblrTuesday2 2

These really caught my eye, I’m quite a sucker for a good book jacket. These are the Isak Dineson book covers by Julia Factor – some more photos of which are on the website linked. They really are a nice set, and an obvious series because of the style used throughout.

TumblrTuesday2 3

The final one I wanted to show from Visual Graphc, was this poster by daily you & saturation – another design blog might I add.

Well that is all for this week. I think I’m going to be getting rather busy, but I will try and keep this up as I’m rather enjoying looking at designy things again!